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Jonas & Brock

Holly was mostly content with her life, but she did feel a bit like something someone was missing. Madelyn convinced Holly to join her for a trip to that year's Romance Festival. After a string of awful dates through the online dating app, she wasn't too keen on romance but she humored her sister. As… Continue reading Jonas & Brock

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Modern Granny Boho Bags

Pattern: Modern Granny Boho Bag Yarn: Lion Brand Mandala Ombre in Multiple Colorways Hook: 5.00 mm (Size H) After about a solid year or two of being focused on other creative outlets, I was just suddenly in the mood to crochet. I had an entire ball of leftover yarn from my Harmony sweater with no… Continue reading Modern Granny Boho Bags

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If you guessed that Bella and Landyn were expecting a little one, you were right! Neither had planned to have more children... their daughters were already teens and they were themselves getting rather up there in years... but they were both excited about raising a child together. Their excitement was dampened when Bella called to… Continue reading Casper

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Holly wasn't the only one growing up. Just a year behind was her soon-to-be step-sister Madelyn. While Holly was an outgoing, adventurous, and creative teen, Madelyn was more of the bookish, analytical homebody who had a few close friends. It was not unexpected that she only wanted a small party with the family... though even… Continue reading Madelyn